I’m a fourth-generation American who can trace his roots to ancestors who fought alongside Sir William Wallace. This family has never shied away from the call of duty to fight for the freedoms we embrace. We know the value of Liberty and Independence.

Here at Garage Gym Guy, we like to celebrate Independence! While most in America celebrate socio-political independence today, I also like to celebrate physical independence and financial independence.

One of the biggest motivations for my training is to be physically independent – that is, I can take myself to the places I want to go and do the things that I want to do. Sometimes that means picking up something heavy, sometimes it means hiking up a mountain, and sometimes it’s as simple as stretching the sleeves on my favorite work shirt when some skinny hipster walks into my cubicle.

Another key element in my life is being wise with my money. That means not over-paying for training or equipment, so I like to celebrate freedom from gym dues and Smith-machine retailers.

Our tagline is Liberate, Innovate, Dominate. You’ve seen some Garage Gym Innovations, and the Domination part is truly up to you and your definition. This Independence Day, we can celebrate our decision to Liberate from sub-par gyms, and what better way than raising the Star Spangled Banner in our training space.

Begin by obtaining your flag of choice. Then select both the location and orientation (landscape or portrait) that suits you. Finally, be aware of proper flag etiquette. Since the vast majority of my readership is from the USA, that means that regardless of orientation, the blue field should always be on its own right (viewer’s left). If you’re putting up multiple flags (check out the history on The Saltire, Gadsden Flag, and Jolly Roger), be aware that there may be dictates on the relative placement of your flags of choice.

I’ll be hanging my flag in the landscape orientation, and as such, it needs an extra grommet in the upper-right corner. I got a grommet kit, which can be picked up at either your local hardware store (check near the tarps) or fabric shop. I folded the right edge over approximately an inch, to make room for the grommet to catch two layers of fabric. I then ironed the fold flat. Following the instructions on the grommet kit, I added a grommet in both the upper- and lower-right corners. The flag is now ready to be hung using nails, screws or hooks.

Fold and Iron a Double Layer for the Grommet

Fold and Iron a Double Layer for the Grommet

Install the Grommet

Install the Grommet

So celebrate Independence Day and Liberty in all their forms! Feel free to share what it looks like or what it means to you in the comments or over on the Facebook page!

The Garage Gym

The Garage Gym


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