While most of my training is fairly low-tech, I do make use of some high-tech tools in the gym. I use my iPad and/or iPhone as a timer, video recorder and jukebox. Below are a list of the apps I use for each of those items.


Tabata Pro from SimpleTouch

Tabata intervals are a proven conditioning method. I highly recommend working them into your routine.

Timers Pro

This app works well for CrossFit style workouts, and includes a built-in rep counter. This is the app that was featured in all of the 2012 CrossFit Open videos.

Chronolite from Treeness, LLC

I use this app as my primary stopwatch. Any time I see an AMRAP or For Time workout, this is the app I use.


This app is nice for its ability to create custom HIIT timers. I used it recently for an every-30-seconds workout, and it gave a nice three-second beep cue for every rep.



Coach’s Eye (not free) gets a lot of publicity, but I’m not sure it provides anything that Ubersense (free) does not. I use Ubersense to record video so I can confirm proper form on my lifts. It has the ability to tag videos by movement, play back in slow motion, and draw directly onto the video. And it’s free.



You can hear anything form Amon Amarth to Skrillex and almost anything in between in my garage, all thanks to Spotify.


Pandora radio is another great alternative, and is free if you don’t mind the advertisements.

Training Log


Jerred Moon did a full write-up on using Evernote for your training log. While I prefer the narrow scope of my handful of charts and spreadsheets, those who want to be able to recall and analyze a wider selection of metrics may find Evernote to be very helpful.

What apps do you use in your home/garage gym? Post in the comments or tell us on Facebook!



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